Why "Ogliastra Nordic Walking Corpo e Mente in Movimento"

(Ogliastra Nordic Walking Mind and Body in Movement)



"Ogliastra Nordic Walking"

   Because: my great fortune is that to live in Sardinia, in a portion of unique territory of the world, still uncontaminated and wild, whose charm lies in its history, in its suggestive/charming silences and in its unique variety of landscapes that offers together and in such little territory, beaches of thin white sand and rocky coast, crystalline waters and from the most varied tones, rocks to precipice or open as windows on the sea, secular woods, caves, highpeaks from which it seems to succeed in touching the sky, arid expanses and white karst landscapes ... this is Ogliastra! Here I practise my passion. This is territory that I would want to make you discover.



"Corpo e Mente in Movimento" 

   Because: whit the Nordic Walking it is not alone my body that moves: the movement of the body activates the movement of the mind and the mind it moves whit the body; the body and the mindare in tuning. I have discovered in fact the power "to feel" my body moving, to be able to mentally perceive its single movements and to have of it so a great control.

When I walk then, my mind it moves following the rhythm of the nature: thoughts, feelings and emotions are articulated by its smells, from its colors, from its sounds and from its silences, different in every season of the year and often never equal in the same season ...